A long-awaited update from the NPWS on the restrictions on the use of Lead Gunshot in or around Wetlands and the definition of wetlands was released last week. It stated:

From the 15 February 2023, 

  • discharging gunshot containing a concentration of lead (expressed as metal) equal to or greater than 1% by weight in or within 100 metres of wetlands is prohibited.
  • carrying any such gunshot where this occurs while out wetland shooting or as part of going wetland shooting in or within 100 metres of wetlands is prohibited.

For the purposes of these regulations the definition of ‘wetlands’ is that used in the Convention on Wetlands of International Importance (Ramsar Convention). All such wetlands are subject to the Regulation, and an online map viewer of wetland habitats subject to the new restrictions on the use of lead gunshot in and around wetlands can be found here

It will be gun users’ responsibility to ensure that they comply with the new EU Regulation and use appropriate ammunition when shooting. Gun users should ensure that their firearm can safely use non-lead ammunition as appropriate.