IFA Countryside 

Protecting and Defending Rural Ireland

IFA Countryside 

Protecting and Defending Rural Ireland

IFA Countryside is delighted to welcome members of Countryside Alliance Ireland. For more information on our membership offerings and how to renew your membership with IFA Countryside call our membership department on 1800 236 236. 

IFA Countryside is dedicated to defending the interests of those who actively enjoy the Irish countryside.

As an IFA Countryside member you will enjoy many benefits including strong representation and valuable support services and a range of exclusive member benefits that provide real cost savings. The protection of the environment, influencing positive change in policies that impact rural Ireland, offering valuable support services and providing real cost savings are some of the benefits of IFA Countryside membership.

Attention Firearm Holders!

S.I. 420 of 2019, which gives effect to Directive (EU) 2017/853, comes into force on 1 September 2019. The main changes provided for in the Regulations are as follows:

  • Marking of Firearms
  • New Storage Requirements
  • Banning of the Acquisition of Large Capacity Magazines
  • Banning of Certain Firearms
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