The National Parks & Wildlife Service (NPWS) has developed an innovative eLicence Customer Portal set to revolutionize how deer hunting licenses are processed. This move aims to streamline and expedite the application procedure, making it easier and faster for hunters to obtain their licenses.

What You Need to Know:

Launch of Heritage Online Portal:

  • The NPWS will make the application process for the Deer Hunting License (DHL) completely online with the Heritage Online Portal launch on June 4th, 2024. This virtual system introduces a streamlined, paperless, and efficient method for hunters across the country to apply for their licenses.

Step-by-Step Online Application:

  • Hunters will need to create and maintain an account on the NPWS Heritage Licensing Portal.
  • Documentation Uploads: It’s imperative to upload the following documents when applying:
    • A passport-style photograph.
    • Firearms License Certificate.
    • For first-time hunters, a Certificate of Competence (HCAP or equivalent) as a mandatory step. This evidence of proficiency is optional for renewing applicants.
  • No More Written Permissions: Taking a step toward simplification, the NPWS will no longer require written landowner permissions. Instead, applicants will complete a declaration regarding land permission and compliance with the updated Wildlife Act 1976.

Resources and Support:

  • There will be a dedicated phone helpline and an FAQ section on the portal to assist applicants throughout the transition and application process.
  • Portal access details will be provided through the NPWS official website.

Additional Details:

  • With the transition to the online system, applications via post or email are being phased out.
  • Licenses will be issued electronically, ensuring a timely delivery before the hunting season begins.
  • The NPWS may also expand the portal’s capabilities in future to include cull returns in real-time and the application for other permits, like Section 42 permits.

Commercial Operators:

The NPWS notes that the requirements for commercial hunting operations will differ from those for individual hunters.

Preview the Portal:

For those interested in getting a glimpse of the new system, the NPWS has provided a PDF demonstration. You can view the Licensing Portal Demonstration by clicking here.

We encourage all our members to familiarise themselves with this new system, as it represents a significant shift in the licensing process for deer hunting in our country. The NPWS’s online platform promises to bring greater efficiency to the application procedure and we hope this transition will be a smooth one for all involved.

For further inquiries or clarification, please contact the NPWS directly or refer to their official communication channels.