• New NPWS livestream from two Chough nests in Cork to launch today, March 12th.
  • Members of the public encouraged to tune in and watch Chough pairs as they go about building their nests and rearing their chicks.
  • Project is an NPWS conservation measure which aims to observe understand the changing nesting habits of Chough, an endangered bird species listed on Annex I of the EU Birds Directive. 

Members of the public can now tune into two new livestreams which show two Chough pairs as they go about building their nests.

The livestreams are an initiative of the National Parks and Wildlife Service in the Cork Region. There are up to 900 pairs of Chough breeding in Ireland, with 30% of the national population found in County Cork. Fifteen Special Protection Areas (SPA) offer protection to breeding Chough around the country, with four of those SPAs located in Cork.

In recent years, NPWS Conservation Rangers based in Co Cork have observed some Chough pairs moving from their traditional coastal sites, where they mainly nest in crevices in sea cliffs, to building their nests further inland in old buildings– including cattlesheds, haybarns, derelict cottages and even bridges. Research by NPWS staff suggests that around a third of the Chough population in Co Cork is now nesting in buildings. The livestreams have been set up to allow further monitoring of a sample of the Chough population during the nesting season. Chough may face additional challenges in their new surroundings. Their eggs and chicks appear to be more vulnerable to predators e.g. rats and crows. Human activity can cause some disturbance to their nests and sites may be lost due to buildings being renovated or collapsing. In order to overcome some of these threats, NPWS is erecting Chough nest boxes at particularly vulnerable sites.

Clare Heardman, NPWS District Conservation Officer said:

“The livestream ‘Nestflix’ cam will allow better understanding of some of these factors which impact on the Chough population, and how we can protect this Annex 1 population in the future. The breeding behaviour of Chough is normally hidden from human eyes because of their traditional crevice-nesting habit so the cameras will provide a rare glimpse into all stages of breeding from nest-building to the chicks fledging.”


Livestream links: 

Mizen Head Pair LIVE Irish Chough Nest | Mizen Peninsula, Co Cork (youtube.com)

Clonakilty Pair LIVE Irish Chough Nest | Clonakilty, Co Cork (youtube.com)