The National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) has today appealed to the public to keep their distance from vulnerable wildlife and to take great care when spending time with nature during the summer months.

Minister of State for Heritage and Electoral Reform Malcolm Noonan TD said:

“My simple appeal to the public is to let wildlife stay wild and keep a respectful distance from our wildlife. Most people are well-meaning and of course we’re delighted to see people’s interest in nature.  However I really want to remind people not to lure birds out of nesting areas for a photo-op – it’s in nobody’s interests to interfere with precious nesting sites and it can be very detrimental to birds’ breeding success. It’s very disheartening for NPWS teams to see these birds being disturbed and it jeopardises the incredible work they’re doing to protect these birds, safeguarding their survival in Ireland.”

The National Parks and Wildlife Service is also a partner of the Leave No Trace campaign and asks that the public familiarise themselves with the campaign’s guidance on good practices to avoid damaging vegetation, water bodies, soil and wildlife.

Director General of the NPWS Niall Ó ’Donnchú added

“We are delighted to welcome visitors to our national parks and nature reserves throughout the year. Many people don’t realise that areas such as sand dunes, lakes and woodlands are homes for wildlife that we’re working hard to protect and that wild animals and birds should not be upset in their natural habitat. If you plan to visit areas of natural heritage this summer then please acquaint yourself with our advice available on good practice so you too can play your part in protecting nature. We’d also like to remind the public that anyone intending to film or photograph a protected wild animal must apply for a licence.”


Further advice can be found from Leave No Trace:

Apply for a licence to photograph or film a protected wild animal or bird here:

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