Midland Game Farm is a family run business that was established in 2008 by Adrian Corcoran. Adrian himself has over 25 years of experience in the rearing and management of game birds.  They have built up a reputation as a well respected game farm based on the quality of their strong and healthy birds.  They supply pheasant eggs, day old chicks, 7 week old poults and adult birds to gun clubs and shoots all over Ireland.

Midland Game Farm have grown from rearing only 50 birds at the onset to now over 20,000 birds every year. Top quality day old pheasant chicks are imported from a hatchery in the UK and placed in their specially prepared gas heated brooder houses where they spend up to three weeks before being given access to outdoor grass runs. This process hardens off the poults, preparing them for transfer to their customers release pens. This ensures that are their poults are well feathered and healthy.

They also hold back a large number of seven week old poults which are placed in their large flight pens. These pens are sowed with game crop in order to produce top quality adult cock pheasants which are available in September and throughout the shooting season.

They have recently purchased incubation and hatching equipment and are now hatching and supplying day old pheasant chicks all over the country. Eggs are produced from their own over wintered hens which are carefully selected to produce only top quality eggs and chicks.

Eggs are collected daily and are washed and put in trays to then be placed in the incubator on a weekly basis. After 21 days the eggs are removed from the incubator and placed in a hatching unit where the chicks will hatch after 4 days.

For any further enquires or to place an order contact Adrian on 087 0522311

Pheasant eggs