Meet the Team

Conor O’Leary – IFA Countryside Chairman

Meet Conor, the newly elected chairman of IFA Countryside, whose unique path through various sectors has perfectly poised him for leadership within the agricultural and country sports community. Conor’s journey encapsulates a diverse array of experiences from branch banking, tourism, and road transport to the heartwarming and demanding life of dairy farming in Donoughmore, County Cork.

In 2001, alongside his wife Rena, Conor took over her family’s farm, immersing himself into dairy farming with a commitment and passion that have only grown over the years. Their farm is not just a business but a home that thrives under the care of their family – including their three daughters, who share their parents’ love for the countryside. Each daughter, pursuing her own path from Cork to Sydney all while being keen equestrians and Springer Spaniel enthusiasts.

Before farming captured his full attention, Conor was an avid shooting and fishing enthusiast, actively involved in the Grenagh Gun Club and dedicated to pheasant rearing and release programmes. Although farming and family responsibilities have since redirected his free time towards equestrianism, his love for countryside sports remains a pivotal part of his life.

Conor has also made notable contributions on the international stage as a representative for Ireland in the governing body of the International Mounted Games Association. His roles as a commentator, referee, and team trainer have seen him train numerous Irish teams for competitions abroad, including the Irish Pony club team to the prestigious Windsor Horse Show.

Currently serving as the Munster Regional Chair for IFA, Conor brings to his role as chairman of IFA Countryside a wealth of experience, a leadership style focused on unity and empowerment, and a deep-rooted understanding of the countryside’s challenges and joys. He believes in identifying common goals, and empowering those with expertise to lead initiatives, driving the community towards shared success.

As Conor takes the helm at IFA Countryside, he holds a vision of a cohesive, empowered, and thriving rural community, ready to face the future with resilience and solidarity.

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