Members of Ashgrove Shoot in South Tipperary decided to try out their engineering skills by building mallard duck nesting rolls.

Mallard ducks generally nest away from water courses in nearby fields and hedgerows. Unlike other birds, ducks do not carry nesting material to the nest site. The advantage of the nesting role is that the nesting material is provided for them. A hen will sit on her eggs for between 25 to 29 days and walk the ducklings to a watercourse.

It is hoped that the nesting rolls will improve and increase the duck nesting success rate at their duck ponds. The nesting roll which is opened at both ends is mounted onto a pole which sits 2 to 3 feet above the water level.

The members of Ashgrove Shoot were good enough to include a link for the dimensions which were used for the nesting rolls. Why not have a go yourself?