IFA Countryside Chairman Brian Rushe said the recent attacks on elderly people in rural communities were very concerning.

IFA will be meeting the Assistant Commissioner of An Garda Síochána Paula Hillman next week to discuss what measures can be taken to make communities safer.

“Whatever resources are needed to assist the Gardaí in their work have to be made available. We will be encouraging the farming community to provide whatever help they can to support the work of the Gardaí. Apprehending those responsible requires a co-ordinated response,” he said.

Brian Rushe said the victims of these attacks were targeted by gangs and subjected to horrific assaults. “Nobody should feel under threat in their own home.”

“The communities of these victims now feel vulnerable and unsafe because of the attacks. We will be working with Assistant Commissioner Paula Hillman to develop community policing that gives a greater sense of security to those living in rural areas,” he said.